Sewing courses in English

1. Beginners course

You will learn everything by making products of your choice from 
our catalogue.

 Key takeaways:
- sewing machine operations
- straight sewing
- sewing in different angles
- seam cleaning
- hand sewing
- underironing 
- zipper insertion
- piping

Products you'll make during this class
- pillow
- shopping bag
- cosmetic case with a zipper
- basket or a book cover
- finally a skirt with rubber or knitted welt 

1500 during the week, 1800 weekend

2. Slightly advanced course

 Classes are being taught in hands-on fashion by working on items 
 of your choice from our catalog.

Available items:
- skirts
- shirts
- sweatshirts
- pants
- cardigans
- easy coats
- more advanced interior decorations
- also possible downsizing to child sizes

 Key takeaways:
- basic textile material knowledge
- correct measurements
- stitch cleaning and using overlock machine
- cleaning with skewed stripe
- sewing facings 
- darts
- hem types
- sprouting
- gum insertion and many more based on items of your choice

1500 during the week, 1800 weekends
víkendový kurz začátečníci 10.-11.10-13